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Tips to help make this a happy and healthy Christmas

Now, on a more serious note! Our sincere hope  is that everyone has a happy and healthy Christmas. We’d like to remind everyone of some foods notorious for causing dental
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Do Wisdom Teeth need to be removed?

Not everyone has wisdom teeth; many people have less than 4. The number of Wisdom Teeth you have may depend on your ethnicity and just random genetic chance.  Problems can
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Why should you see a dentist regularly?

Why should you see a dentist regularly? Our patients will know that at our practice we call regular routine visits and examinations,“Active Maintenance”. We use this term on purpose because
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Flossing Habits Sherwood Dental 2

Tips for Flossing your Teeth

Flossing Do’s and Don’ts Flossing your teeth should be a daily habit for everyone. Understanding the importance of flossing daily is one thing. Getting into the habit of actually doing it is another.
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Dental Health Tips for Seniors

Senior’s Week 2017 FINDING A DENTIST THAT SUITS YOU: Many people don’t think about seeing a dentist until something happens to a tooth.   It can be quite stressful to
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