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Preventive Dentistry

At Sherwood Dental, in Sherwood, we wish to ensure that each of our patients can maintain a healthy smile, avoiding the need to receive complex and potentially expensive restorative treatment later on. Our dental professionals believe the best way to do this is to provide comprehensive preventive dentistry, preventing the need for a cure.

During your appointment at our Sherwood practice, our team can assess your oral health and identify any preventive treatments that may keep your smile healthy and prevent future dental dramas.

We offer the full spectrum of preventive dentistry in order to help you maintain a healthy, beautiful smile for life. These treatments include:

Tooth Grinding and Jaw Problems

Night-time Tooth Grinding and Jaw Clenching can have far reaching effects on your body and lifestyle.

Fluoride Treatment

Sherwood Dental provides fluoride treatments to help prevent tooth decay and infection.

Gum Disease

Dr Craig Duval and our dental professionals can protect your teeth and gums against gum disease.

Guards and Appliances

We provide custom made mouthguards and appliances to protect or improve your dental health.

Fissure Sealants

Fissure sealants can help defend children’s teeth against the development of persistent bacteria.

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