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Restore your damaged teeth

Crowns and Bridges

At Sherwood Dental, in Southwest Brisbane, we can help restore your weakened or damaged teeth with dental crowns, and replace missing teeth with bridges. Dr Craig Duval has extensive experience in providing world class crown and bridge restorations. We provide restorative treatments for our patients in Sherwood, Rocklea, Indooroopilly, Chelmer, Oxley and the surrounding areas.

Crowns may be recommended for some of the following reasons:

Bridges are used to replace missing teeth – as the name suggests, they ‘bridge’ the gap. The teeth either side of a space are crowned, and a bridge is made up of several crowns joined together. Like crowns, two appointments are needed to have bridge made. These appointments include one preparation visit, and another to fit the bridge.

The process for crown and bridge work

After your consultation, Dr Craig Duval and our Sherwood Dental team can begin placing your crown or bridge to repair your problem tooth. A local anaesthetic may be required to numb the area, depending on the number of teeth that need treatment and condition of your teeth. Our dental team, led by Dr Craig Duval, will then shape the outer surfaces of the tooth to create a cylindrical shape for the crown to fit over.

A 3D scan (or impression) is then taken of your teeth. A temporary crown will be placed on the prepared tooth to protect it while your new crown is being fabricated. Once your new crown or bridge has been constructed, we’ll fit it for you.

If you think you may need a crown or bridge, a consultation with Dr Craig Duval is a great place to start. He’ll assess your tooth/teeth, and determine what type of treatment is best, and give you a better idea of cost. To find out more, give one of our friendly team a call.

For both crowns and bridges, two appointments will be needed. At the first visit, we’ll use local anaesthetic to numb the area. We’ll take photos to send to our laboratory, to assist in choosing a shade (colour). We’ll trim around the tooth/teeth, removing some tooth structure to create room for the crown or bridge to fit over. A 3D digital scan (or an impression) will be taken, and your case sent to our dental laboratory. Your final crown or bridge will be ready two to three weeks later. During this time, you’ll have temporary crowns on to cover and protect the trimmed teeth.

Fitting: Your temporary crowns will be removed, and your final crown or bridge tried in, and the fit and appearance assessed. Provided both you and Dr Duval are happy with the result, the final crown or bridge will be permanently bonded to the teeth. We’ll check your bite, and some adjustments may be made. Local anaesthetic may or may not be needed. You’ll need to avoid eating for 2 hours afterwards, but after that your new teeth are good to go!

Crowns and dental implants

With implant dentistry, you’ll require a prosthetic ‘tooth’ that will be fitted over your implant to replace your tooth – a specialised crown is used for this. For multiple implants next to each other, we may be able to place an implant bridge instead. The success of your implant crown or bridge relies on regular care and maintenance, both at home and with regular dental visits at Sherwood Dental. 

Ask Dr Craig Duval

To find out more about crown and bridgework, or to book an appointment with Dr Craig Duval, please contact us today.