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Restore damaged teeth with

Inlays and Onlays

Inlays and onlays are dental restorations used to rebuild a tooth that has lost a significant amount of tooth structure (large decay, heavily filled or broken). They’re made in a very similar way to crowns, and from similar materials. We offer inlays and onlays to restore our patient’s teeth here at Sherwood Dental in West Brisbane. We service patients in Sherwood, Rocklea, Indooroopilly, Chelmer, Oxley and the surrounding areas with this effective treatment.

Inlays and onlays are similar to dental fillings but rather than being directly placed into your tooth and then set like a filling, they are actually fabricated in our dental laboratory and then cemented into place.  This process is commonly known as an ‘indirect procedure’. The difference is that inlays fit into the tooth whereas onlays sit on top of the remaining tooth structure, both serving different purposes.

Dr Craig Duval will first see you for a consultation to ensure that inlays or onlays are suitable for you.

Inlays and onlays can be made from gold, but tooth-coloured/white porcelain is most common.

Dr Craig Duval will evaluate the damage to your tooth to see if you are a suitable candidate for an inlay or onlay. During your initial consultation we can also discuss and decide on which material is most suitable for you. We’ll only suggest an inlay or onlay if it’s the best option to address your dental concern.

Your procedure?


In order to receive an inlay or onlay often two appointments at our South Brisbane practice will be necessary: the first is required to prepare the tooth’s surface and during the second we will place your onlay or inlay.

What to expect during your first appointment at Sherwood Dental


A local anaesthetic will be administered by Dr Craig Duval in order to numb the tooth and the surrounding tissue to ensure you are comfortable. Dr Craig Duval and our dental professionals pride ourselves on providing gentle and comfortable care during your treatment to ensure that you experience little to no discomfort during your visit.

Any presence of decay that is identified in the tooth will then be removed and the tooth’s surface will be then prepared for your restoration. Following the removal of the decay an impression or mould will then be taken of your tooth using specialised dental “putty”. The putty will then be placed into an impression tray which will is inserted into your mouth and pressed down onto your teeth in order to take an accurate impression.

Once the dental putty is set and a correct impression is gained, the impression tray will then be removed. An impression will also be taken of the opposing teeth in order for Dr Craig Duval to learn how you bite together. A temporary restoration will then be placed on the prepared tooth in order to protect it. This will safeguard the tooth while your inlay or onlay is being created by Dr Craig Duval and our dental professionals.

The impression will then be sent to our dental laboratory where our skilled team can custom-make your inlay or onlay to fit seamlessly into your tooth. This process may take up to two weeks.

Your Next Appointment


A local anaesthetic may be required in order to numb the tooth and surrounding gums and soft tissues. Dr Craig Duval will ensure that you are aware if every step of the procedure so you can feel comfortable and relaxed at our South Brisbane practice.

After you have received the anaesthesia the temporary restoration we previously placed will then be removed and the tooth will be cleaned. Dr Craig Duval will then place your new inlay or onlay, ensuring that the restoration is the perfect fit for your tooth, as well as ensuring that your bite will still be comfortable and the appearance is seamless. After we have ensured these factors are correct your inlay or onlay will then be permanently cemented in place. When you receive an inlay or onlay at our Southwest Brisbane dental practice our dental team will ensure that we keep you informed and comfortable throughout your procedure.

To find out more about Inlays and Onlays, or to book an appointment with Dr Craig Duval, please contact us today.

Ask Dr Craig Duval

To find out more about Inlays and Onlays, or to book an appointment with Dr Craig Duval, please contact us today.