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We understand dental anxiety can be crippling.

Well done for getting this far!

We understand that if you are feeling nervous about going to the dentist or have had a bad dental experience, it can be difficult to take the first step of making an appointment.

We’ve outlined 5 steps to beating dental anxiety, and how our kind and understanding team will help.

We’d love to have the chance to chat with you and discuss how we can help make your next dental visit manageable and comfortable, so that visiting the dentist is less stressful.

At Sherwood Dental, we pride ourselves on helping nervous and very anxious patients, who often ‘hate the dentist’ to begin with! It’s our mission to give these patients consistently positive dental experiences, and gradually change their opinion of the dental industry. Some of these anxious patients are now our most loyal and raving fans!

Handle Me with Extra Care

We’ll take things at your pace and will be guided by you throughout the process, so that know what to expect and feel in control at every stage.

5 Simple Steps to Help Beat Your Anxiety

Through these 5 simple steps we can help make your next visit much more pleasant than your past experiences and customisable to your individual needs. Read through the list and add your own ideas. We’d like to hear how we can make your next visit, your most positive dental experience ever.

  1. Over the phone, or email, we will work together to assess the level of your dental anxiety.
  2. Determine which parts of the dental visit cause you anxiety (triggers).
  3. Together we will workshop (on the phone or in-person, away from the dental chair) coping strategies and adaptations we can make for you.
  4. An easy, non-invasive initial appointment where we take things at your pace.
  5. Review and forward planning for your future dental care.

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