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Tooth Extraction

At Sherwood Dental, our philosophy is always to save teeth wherever possible. Extracting teeth (especially multiple teeth) can lead to some quite serious consequences over time. For teeth with abscesses, we can often do root canal therapy to save the tooth. Broken or heavily filled teeth can often be saved by placing a crown. While it is cheaper in the short term to extract a tooth, most people end up regretting the decision. It’s our responsibility to ensure patients are fully informed of the options and consequences of each option, prior to going ahead with treatment.
One exception to this is wisdom teeth.

What are wisdom teeth?

Adults typically have up to 32 teeth, including four wisdom teeth at the very back of the mouth. Some people have none, fewer than four, or occasionally more than four wisdom teeth! They are usually last to come through the gum, during our late teens or early adulthood. They can also make an appearance later in life, too.
If there is enough room in the mouth, wisdom teeth will erupt in a suitable position and there will only be minor discomfort as they come through. If there isn’t enough room. Wisdom teeth may only come through partially, and become stuck against the tooth in front (‘impacted’). This can cause ongoing problems, such as:

To properly assess your wisdom teeth

At Sherwood Dental, Dr Craig Duval will assess your wisdom teeth to determine whether extraction is needed. If there is enough room in your mouth for them to come through, extraction may not be needed. If extraction is needed, a full jaw x-ray (OPG) will confirm whether they can be done here with local anaesthetic, or whether referral to a specialist oral surgeon is necessary. This depends on the angle of the tooth, and the position of the roots. Most can be done here by Dr Craig Duval, who has extensive experience and a special interest in wisdom teeth surgery. We have a digital OPG machine on-site, which enables us to see the results of your full jaw x-ray immediately.

After your wisdom teeth have been removed


Following the removal of your wisdom teeth, you may experience discomfort or pain for a few days. This can vary substantially, depending on the complexity of surgery and each person’s individual pain threshold. Some swelling is normal, and you’ll need to have soft and liquid foods, initially. Over the counter painkillers are usually sufficient. Our experienced team will answer any questions that you have, and give you detailed post-operative instructions to refer back to. A short follow-up appointment may be booked, to remove any sutures (if used).

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