Why should you see a dentist regularly?

Why should you see a dentist regularly?  Our patients will know that at our practice we call regular routine visits and examinations,“Active Maintenance”. We use this term on purpose because these visits are far more than a “check up” and are much more important than many people realize. Keeping abreast of the latest advances in […]

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Tips for Flossing your Teeth

Flossing Habits Sherwood Dental 2

Flossing Do’s and Don’ts Flossing your teeth should be a daily habit for everyone. Understanding the importance of flossing daily is one thing. Getting into the habit of actually doing it is another. The more we floss and the healthier our gums are, the less sensitivity we have when flossing. The more practice you have, the easier, quicker and […]

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Australia’s most common health problem

Have you ever experienced tooth decay? If you said yes then you’re with the majority of Australians While it seems like a fair assumption to say that Australia’s most common health problem would be the flu, or any number of other medical concerns, surprisingly tooth decay is the most common health problem in Australia. Over […]

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