Dental Health Tips for Seniors

Senior’s Week 2017


Many people don’t think about seeing a dentist until something happens to a tooth.


It can be quite stressful to start to look at finding a dentist when you have a tooth that has cracked or you are in pain. Having already found a trusted dentist or dental practice can make a huge difference in such an emergency.


We recommend a regular visit to keep an eye on your dental health. This way any changes that occur to your teeth or soft tissue can be addressed early and quickly.


Emergencies never happen at a convenient time. Just like a good doctor, when you find a dentist you like and trust, you know you have someone to call when you have a question or dental problem.

Some tips on finding the dentist for you:

Are they local?

Are they easy to access with parking or public transport and ground floor entry?

Do they offer the kinds of services you may need? For example good quality crowns, denture care or dental implants.


What should you expect at your first visit.

At your first visit, did you feel comfortable?

Did you feel well informed and have any concerns addressed?

Was the setting and staff professional but also friendly and attentive?

A word on Private Health Insurance:

Beware if health funds recommending their “preferred providers” or “contracted dentists” for a reduced out of pocket expense. If you can find a dentist that isn’t contracted to a private health fund, you are much more likely to receive the important benefits of continuity of care with your dentist. Australian Dental Association have helpful information regarding private health insurance.

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If it has been some time since your last visit and you really would like to get your oral health back on track, you may like our FRESH START program.