Why do adults get braces?

More and more adults are choosing to have orthodontic treatment.

Braces are not just for kids and teens anymore.

More and more adults are choosing to improve their smile in various ways and for many different reasons.  Here at Sherwood Dental about 70% of our orthodontic patients are adults.


of our ortho patients are ADULTS

Smiling confidently has a huge impact on self esteem and lifestyle.

More and more adults of all ages are choosing to straighten their teeth because the feeling of having a great-looking, healthy smile is worth the investment.

Being proud to show off your smile is one of the really important factors influencing self-esteem.

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you and can have a really positive impact on those around you.

Are you embarrassed to smile?

If crooked teeth, difficulty cleaning or even jaw pain is causing you to smile less, then it may be time to consider an orthodontic assessment.

Transitioning from being afraid or embarrassed to smile…

… to being able to smile FREELY and CONFIDENTLY, not only has a huge impact on the way you feel but also the way people interact with you.

Why have my teeth moved recently?

Even if your teeth were once straight, as you get older your teeth can move.

This change of position can occur because of:

  • a change in your facial muscle tone
  • wisdom teeth development
  • loss of tooth support from periodontal disease
  • injury or some medical conditions

Other health reasons for straightening your teeth

You not only want your teeth to look great, they also have a job to do.

Properly aligned teeth are needed for eating, speaking and smiling with ease and comfort.

Teeth position

  • accidental cheek biting
  • poor food chewing
  • poor brushing and flossing
  • tooth decay and infection
  • gum disease
  • wearing away of enamel

   Jaw position

  • jaw clenching
  • jaw pain
  • severe headaches
Correctly aligning your bite can allow jaw, face and neck muscles to relax and work in harmony.

Now there are more advanced techniques that also LOOK better

You no longer need to be embarrassed or self-conscious about the way your orthodontic treatment looks.

Gone are the days when all braces were the “train track” metal brackets and wires.

Improved orthodontic methods are now available.

Compared to years gone by, modern orthodontic treatment is far more efficient and looks better.

  • You can now have your teeth straightened in as little as 6 months.
  • Modern methods are less painful

There is a now a choice of discrete options to move your teeth.

  • Removable plastic aligners ( Invisalign ). Removable aligners also allow you to eat, brush and floss normally.

Braces are now more affordable

  • Over the years, with improved research and development, orthodontic treatment has become more affordable.
  • Some general dentists have had additional orthodontic education and training. They are able to help many of their patients with orthodontic services, rather than referring them to a specialist.
  • As an adult you are able to make your own decisions about the way your smile looks, unlike when you were a teenager.
  • Many heath funds allow benefits to be paid for orthodontic treatment.
  • No-interest payment plans are available and are very popular for adults. You can start improving your smile now and pay small amounts over time.


Start improving your smile & pay over time. 

The cost and timeframe of orthodontic treatments vary widely. The severity of tooth crowding or misalignment are the most significant factors determining treatment time and therefore cost.

Contact Sherwood Dental to organise a FREE orthodontic consultation. You can find out what is possible and most importantly, what options will best suit your needs and lifestyle.

You will not only have lovely straight teeth and a confident smile, your teeth will also be easier to keep clean and healthy.

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