Dental Implants are Changing Lives!

This seems like a big statement but if you are someone who can no longer eat and chew your favourite foods or… if you have noticed your teeth moving and your bite changing after losing a tooth, then you will know what an impact this has on daily life!

Dental implants can help recover the natural function of your teeth – and your beautiful smile!

Freedom and Lifestyle

If you have one or more missing teeth, then you know that eating, speaking and smiling with missing teeth, gaps or even with dentures never feels them same as your natural teeth. Gone is the freedom to eat and chew certain types of your favourite foods.

Not only do dental implants LOOK so natural, their function is as close to a natural tooth as modern dentistry can get!

Preventing premature Ageing

Losing teeth causes bone loss and changes in facial structure such as sagging and ageing.

We have all seen the sagging, drawn look of someone who has had unfortunate facial bone loss due to losing teeth. Placement of dental implants actually preserves bone and helps prevent this bone loss. We all like the idea of keeping a more youthful look for longer!

Avoiding uncomfortable dentures

Anyone with dentures will tell you they are not as comfortable as natural teeth. They can cause rubbing, pain with eating and even speech difficulties.

Replacing missing teeth with implants means that patients can continue eating, smiling and speaking naturally and comfortably.


Dental implants are also brushed and flossed with a normal oral hygiene routine at home. Nothing to remove, and no special cleaning is needed.

An Easy Process

Placing the implant is also easier and more pain-free than most people expect. It is a minor surgical procedure carried out with a local anaesthetic in the dental chair. Patients should feel no pain during the procedure. In the days afterwards, some choose to use paracetamol or ibuprofen and some patients are surprised that they need no painkillers at all.


There are usually 2-3 further appointments over the following months as the implant integrates with bone and achieves its full strength. Every case is unique and we always discuss short and long-term expectations and answer any questions throughout the implant appointments.

Dental implants are really becoming well known. With today’s technological advances they are now getting even closer to the strength and aesthetics of natural teeth. Although they are more expensive than some alternatives, they are really now considered the gold standard of current available dental technologies when replacing a tooth.

So if you want to fill those gaps, or throw away that denture, why not make an appointment to discuss your suitability for a dental implant!

 Give us a call today – an Initial Dental Implant consultation is FREE for a limited time!

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