Dental Health Week 2016 had a special focus on Women and Oral Health.

Tish - Video grab


Tish presented some top tips for maintaining good oral health on Day 2 of the ADAQ promotion. 



As you may already know, Sherwood Dental’s Dr Tish Lo is convenor of the Oral Health Committee of the Australian Dental Association (Qld Branch).

As part of this special focus, the ADAQ released some resources which we’d like to share with you. They include some general oral health facts as well as some useful hygiene tips that you may not have heard before! 

Pregnancy Facts vs Fiction     Flossing      Brushing     Bleeding Gums

Some particular questions related to women’s health are addressed in these articles:

What causes your gums to redden and swell?

Wonder why you are suffering from dry or burning mouth?

Can pregnancy increase your risk of tooth decay?

Can changes in adolescents’ bodies really affect oral health?

We hope these are helpful to you or could be passed on to someone you know.

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