Did you know that your child’s baby teeth play a huge role in their current health and development, as well as their future dental health?

At Sherwood Dental we are passionate about smiles of all sizes. Many of our patients ask us when is the best age to bring children in to have a dental appointment. Many people also wonder if a child’s baby teeth (otherwise known as deciduous) are important to their current and later dental and overall health.

It is important to bring your child in as early as possible to have their first dental appointment. In addition to this, your child’s baby teeth play a significant role in the development of their health and their future dental health.

The prevalence of dental decay in baby teeth may surprise you….

While baby teeth are very important to a child’s dental health, tooth decay in baby teeth is extremely prevalent. In a survey taken by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare the statistics reported that 48.7% of children aged 5-6 that were surveyed had a history of dental decay in their baby teeth. In addition to this statistic, the survey also reported that the average number of missing, decayed or filled baby teeth was 2.0 per child.


What can cause dental decay in a child’s baby teeth?

There are a number of different factors that can cause dental decay in baby teeth.


Why you should care about dental decay in baby teeth

While you child will develop a second set of teeth, a child’s baby teeth play a very important role in their health.

  • Baby teeth allow children to develop correct speaking patterns and pronunciation
  • Children are able to draw sufficient nutrients from their foods they are eating by chewing and digesting, which is enabled by baby teeth
  • Baby teeth act as placeholders for the adult teeth
  • The dental hygiene routine your child employs when they are young can stay with them for life and can shape their continuing relationship with their dental health

Tips to avoid dental decay in children

Parents can help their children avoid dental decay with a number of different steps. Some tips our dental professionals suggest is:

  • Supervising and being involved with your child’s dental hygiene, which includes helping them brush and floss their teeth until they can do it properly themselves
  • With regular dental check-ups with our team at Sherwood Dental we can treat and prevent the development of dental decay before it causes cavities and toothaches
  • Avoiding soft drinks and foods that are high in sugar, these things should only be enjoyed occasionally
  • Ensuring that their school lunches and the food and drinks they have at home are health


Comprehensive dental care for children

At Sherwood Dental we believe that children should start to visit our dental practice as young as possible, normally around three years of age. We also encourage our patients who are parents to bring their children in to their dental appointment so they can become familiar with visiting the dentist.  Our skilled dental professionals provide comprehensive dental care for every member of your family.

If you would like to know more about children’s dentistry, or to book an appointment, please do not hesitate to contact our Sherwood dental professionals.

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