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5 tips for choosing an implant dentist in Brisbane

Choosing a dental implant dentist in Brisbane can be quite a task.  Many dentists in Australia are allowed to place implants, so it is sometimes difficult to know where to turn when choosing a dentist for placing your implant. Dental Implantology is highly technical. Achieving reliable and consistent results requires a high level of implant specific training and clinical skill. This can only be gained through further, high quality education and years of practical clinical experience.

1. Level of training and experience

It’s important to find out the dentist’s level of training and experience. Not all are equally qualified in the field of implantology and in cosmetic dentistry. Excellent and reliable results for patients require a higher level of training and skill than those taught at dental school. The procedure itself is also more sophisticated than most routine dental treatment, requiring the latest implant technology and equipment.

2. Treated as an individual

Dental implant surgery is definitely not a “one size fits all” procedure. Many individual factors and characteristics of a patient need to be taken into account. Their unique requirements, their remaining teeth, bite, overall health status and lifestyle all contribute to the assessment needed before and during the dental implant process.

3. Does the practice put the patient first?

The decision to replace a missing tooth can be a difficult one and a very personal thing. You should feel you can trust the dentist and know their team will be there to support you. The implant procedure is carried out over a few months. If the clinician is the practice owner, then you can usually be sure they will be there throughout the treatment and beyond.

4. Special requirements

Sometimes there can be factors that make implants more difficult to place. You should be able to trust that your dentist will have your best interests in mind and refer you on to a specialist if necessary.

5. An honest conversation

Before going ahead with treatment it’s important you feel comfortable that you have had your concerns and questions addressed. Your suitability for an implant should be assessed, comparing other methods of tooth replacement if appropriate. You should have a clear idea of costs and timeframes as well as what to expect during the treatment period. Your dentist should also explain what to expect from your implant in the long term.

Implants at Sherwood Dental

Dr Craig Duval has placed over 300 implants since 1999. He has also received additional cosmetic dentistry training both here and overseas. He was placed on the President’s Honor Roll of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry in 2006 and received a Fellowship from the Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dental Studies in 2007. He was also the first Australian awarded the Rising Star Award from the Las Vegas Institute in 2008. He has been a continuous member of the Australian Dental Association since 1992 and a member of the Australian Prosthodontic Society since 2011.

Craig enjoys being able combine his cosmetic dentistry skills and these technological advances in implantology. Implants are the optimum treatment that he uses when replacing missing teeth for family and friends. It gives his patients the ability to regain natural tooth function as well as the confidence of having a great looking smile.

When placing implants, he uses a biocompatible, titanium implant fixture produced by Biohorizons. They are a well established dental implant manufacturer with their exciting and highly innovative Laser-Lok technology.


This means we find these implants are lightweight and integrate strongly with natural bone with a very high success rate. The soft tissue outcomes are also the best currently available in Implantology. Using strict surgical protocols, we ensure each patient is informed and cared for at every step to get the best long-term results.

The process is easy

Placing the implant is also easier and more pain-free than most people expect. It is a minor surgical procedure carried out with a local anaesthetic in the dental chair. Patients should feel no pain during the procedure with local anaesthetic. In the days afterwards, some patients choose to use paracetamol or ibuprofen and other patients require no painkeillers at all.

There are usually 2-3 further appointments over the following months as the implant integrates with bone and achieves its full strength.

Every case is unique and we always discuss short and long-term expectations and answer any questions throughout the implant appointments.

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