Crowns and Bridges

Restore your damaged teeth

Strengthen teeth which have been weakened by decay or a large filling with dental crowns or bridges. At Sherwood Dental in Southwest Brisbane we can help restore your weakened or damaged teeth with dental crowns or bridges. Dr Craig Duval is highly experienced in providing world class crown and bridge restorations. We provide restorative treatments for our patients in Sherwood, Rocklea, Indooroopilly, Chelmer, Oxley and the surrounding areas. Typically, we will prescribe crown dentistry for the following reasons:

  • Protect a damaged, fractured, cracked or worn tooth
  • Recover the shape, or alignment of a tooth
  • Strengthening after a root canal treatment
  • Cap a dental implant

Bridges are similar to crowns except, like the name suggests, they are used to ‘bridge’ the gap between missing teeth. We will use two crowns to cap the teeth on either side of the missing tooth and then place a bridge between the two teeth. Generally two appointments are needed to provide crown or bridge dentistry, these appointments include one preparation visit and another to fit the cap.

The process for crown and bridge work

After your consultation Dr Craig Duval and our Sherwood dental professionals can begin placing your crown or bridge to repair your problem tooth. A local anaesthetic may be required to numb the tooth and the surrounding gum, depending on the number of teeth that need treatment and condition of your teeth. Our team of highly qualified dental professionals, led by Dr Craig Duval, will then shape the outer surfaces of the tooth to create a cylindrical shape for the crown will fit over.

A mould is then taken of your teeth using special dental putty in order to see how you bite together. Dr Craig Duval may provide a temporary crown onto the prepared tooth to protect it while your new crown is being fabricated. Once your new crown has been constructed Our Southwest Brisbane dental professionals can begin placing the cap over your damaged tooth. Before placing it permanently onto your natural tooth we will place the crown and make sure that it fits correctly and that you are happy with the appearance. Once you are happy with the look of the crown or bridge Dr Craig Duval will permanently cemented it in place.

Crowns and dental implants

During implant dentistry you will require a prosthetic tooth that will be fitted over your implant to fill the space where your missing tooth was, if you require multiple implants we may also place a bridge over the implants. The success of your crowns and bridges relies heavily on how well you look after them, it is important to care for your prosthetic teeth with extra attention to ensure they last. The success of this treatment is also dependent on the skill of your dentist. Fortunately Dr Craig Duval is highly experienced in the dental implant procedure and can provide pin point accuracy when it comes to placing implants. If you require a crown or bridge replacement because of damage or simple wear and tear, we can restore your crown here at Sherwood Dental.

To find out more about crown and bridgework, or to book an appointment with Dr Craig Duval, please contact us today.

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