Overdue for a dentist appointment?

Our FRESH START appointments are especially focussed on getting your oral health back on track!

Some concerning statistics:

According to the ABS – last year too many Australians avoided seeing the dentist and only 20% delayed a visit because of the cost. 

Avoiding dental checks, oral cancer screens and professional cleaning does have long term implications and risks to our overall health. 

We understand that if it has been some time since your last dental visit, there can be a fear of what the dentist might say … and so it is sometimes easier to keep delaying an appointment.

At Sherwood Dental our goal is to do something about this cycle of procrastination.

Fresh start appointments are  professional examination and clean appointments that are made easy.

  • a positive experience for you
  • simple, low stress and easy
  • focused on getting your oral health back on track

… with no lectures. Guaranteed!

How to get started in 2 EASY STEPS:

  1. Call our friendly team and mention the Fresh Start program.
  2. Fill out a one page questionnaire which will help us know how to make your appointment easy and stress free. Bring it along to your appointment.. or some 5 minutes early and fill it out when you arrive.

Download and bring along this easy checklist to your appointment.

Download the Fresh Start Appointment form - it's free!

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