Dental Anxiety

We understand dental anxiety can be crippling.

Well done for getting this far!

We understand that if you are feeling nervous about going to the dentist or have had a bad dental experience, it can even be difficult to take the first step of making an appointment.

We have outlined 5 steps to beating dental anxiety and how our team will help walk you through the steps. 

We’d love to have the chance to chat with you and discuss how we can help make your next dental visit manageable and comfortable so that your dental care is one less thing to worry about.

At Sherwood Dental we have seen many very patients with dental anxiety who are now our most loyal patients and raving fans!

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Our goal is to make your next visit easy and comfortable

Give our friendly team a call  and mention the Handle Me with Extra Care program. 

.... or.... 

If you're not ready to call, send us a message. We can send some more information and will be here to support you until you are ready to come in. 

Handle Me With Extra Care 

We take things at your pace and will be guided by you throughout the process so that you are in control and know what to expect at every step!


Through these 5 simple steps we can help make your next visit much more pleasant than your past experiences and customisable to your individual needs. Read through the list and add your own ideas. We’d like to hear how we can make your next visit, your most positive dental experience ever.

1.     Over the phone or email we will work together to assess the level of your dental anxiety. 

2.     Determine which parts of the dental visit cause you anxiety (triggers).

3.     Together we will workshop (on the phone or in-person, away from treatment room) coping strategies and adaptations we can make just for you. 

4.     An easy, non-invasive initial appointment where we take things at your pace.

5.    Review and forward planning for your future dental care. 


– We will ask how you are feeling when you come in.

– We will listen to you and take you seriously if you say you are anxious.

– We understand that a visit can be difficult for you and will work with you to assess and causes and levels of anxiety.

– Your visits with us will be tailored by you based on your concerns, fears and dental goals.

– At your visit we will not only discuss your teeth but can also the best way your care can be provided while helping reduce your anxiety.

– We can discuss anxiolytic medication for your visits. 

– If needed, you will be given treatment options as well as choices for your timeframe and budget. 

– It is our role to provide the best care and advice in plain English and without judgement.

– We will support your choices and guarantee NO lectures.

- If future treatment is needed is will be carried out at the pace that suits you. 

- We will take care to record what works best for you so you won’t need to explain this to other staff or at future visits. 

- We will be prepared for your visit and any special needs you may have. 

- We will focus on making your visit a positive experience. 

- You will receive the highest standard of clinical care while being HANDLED with EXTRA care to make your visit comfortable.


-Please let us know if you are feeling anxious.

- Attend your appointment on time.

- If you cannot attend your appointment, tell us more than 3 days beforehand and we can re-arrange a time to suit you.

- Talk to us; we value your guidance and feedback on how to make your visits to us low stress and positive experiences. 

- Tell us if something makes you concerned or if you’re not happy and help us find ways of improving. 

- Feel happy to tell family and friends about us.

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A message from Dr Craig Duval

Sherwood Dental owner and principal dentist 

"Understandably, we ALL want to be able to smile with confidence and to live life free of embarrassment or discomfort.  I feel really blessed to be able to change people's lives through providing this freedom through a special interest in cosmetic dentistry and creating natural looking smiles."

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