Fixed Braces

A beautiful smile, fast

Dr Craig Duval and our friendly team at Sherwood Dental are now a provider of a discreet style of fixed braces, so you can enjoy a straight smile quicker than ever before. Here at Sherwood Dental we pride ourselves on providing treatments that are best suited for our patient’s needs. Having a positive experience when you visit our dental practice is a priority and on an ongoing basis we will work with you to correct your alignment concerns.

The benefits of Fixed Braces:

  • Very short treatment time, varying from one month to one year
  • Suitable for children and adults
  • This treatment is driven by the latest technology, which makes it safe and easy
  • Comfortable treatment

How Braces Work

At Sherwood Dental we use an innovative technology that corrects the positioning of the tooth’s root. By correcting the tooth’s root position, this orthodontic system can achieve results very quickly.

In moving the tooth’s root, a gentle pressure is exerted on the tooth’s crown. This strategy means both the tooth’s root and the crown moves simultaneously, which is why the treatment can be completed so quickly.

What can Fixed Braces correct?

There are a number of dental concerns that our dental professionals can address using fixed braces. These dental conditions include:

  • Discrepancies in the bite
  • Teeth that are protruded
  • Crowding or crooked teeth

Orthodontic care from the professionals at Sherwood Dental

Dr Craig Duval and our team of dental professionals are committed to helping our patients in Sherwood, Indooroopilly, Graceville, Chelmer and Oxley achieve a straight smile quickly. We understand that many of our patients lead busy, professional lives, which is why we tailor discreet orthodontic teeth to straighten teeth swiftly.

Our dental professionals will work with you to tailor a treatment plan that suits your teeth and your lifestyle.

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