Fluoride Treatment

Keep your teeth healthy with our fluoride treatment

Fluoride is a mineral that is found in food and water and can help strengthen teeth and prevent tooth decay by making the tooth more resilient to acid exposure from plaque and sugars. If fluoride is lacking from your diet, your teeth may be prone to decay and cavities. At Sherwood Dental in Sherwood our patients from Indooroopilly, Graceville, Chelmer and Oxley seek fluoride treatments to help prevent tooth decay and infection. During your general check-up we may recommend a fluoride treatment to help clean, protect and strengthen your teeth. Fluoride is an extremely beneficial treatment for developing teeth which is why we almost always use this treatment for our young patients who require extra protection and care for their mouths.

Fluoride and your teeth

The hard outer surface of the tooth is called ‘enamel’, which acts as a protective layer for your teeth, after time plaque, bacteria and sugars in the mouth attack the enamel causing it to weaken. This process is called ‘demineralisation’ and when your teeth begin to demineralise they can become more susceptible to infection and decay.  Minerals such as fluoride, calcium and phosphate from the food and water we consume and the toothpaste we use, often help strengthen the enamel. The fluoride treatment is used to help speed up the strengthening process and protect your teeth. During general check-ups, fluoride treatments are most often offered to children who have a number of cavities or are at high risk of developing cavities. However, adults can benefit from fluoride treatments too- it is a simple process that can be administered by Dr Duval or our dental hygienists. Adults who are concerned about the wear and tear on their teeth will benefit from a fluoride treatment –we encourage our adult patients to consider this treatment during their general check-up appointment.

What happens during a fluoride treatment?

During your general fluoride treatment we will clean your teeth to remove any food debris or staining. Then a high concentrate fluoride foam or gel will be placed into an arch shaped dental tray which will be inserted over the teeth and left for the required time. We can also provide a fluoride varnish which will be painted on to the tooth surface. We tell our patients not to consume anything for 30 minutes after the treatment to allow the fluoride to penetrate the teeth. For those patients who are worried about the condition of their teeth, ask about our fluoride treatment at your next general check-up to help keep your teeth strong and resilient.

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